Welcome to Infocenter!

No matter what questions you have regarding the university, you can turn to Infocenter. If you need study information or guidance, you are welcome here. Here you can also get help with practical matters, such as to book rooms or get parking permits.

Several ways to reach Umeå University

At Umeå University, it should be easy to get help and find the way. Welcome to Infocenter in the Universum Building, for all sorts of questions you may have!

International Housing Office (IHO)

International Housing Office assists tuition-fee paying students and exchange students with accommodation. Current tenants are welcome to Infocenter during drop in hours for accommodation related queries and errands.More on housing for exchange students and tuition-paying students

Support for incoming exchange students

Incoming exchange students who need to have documents signed, change courses or have general questions about their studies are welcome to turn to Infocenter.More information for exchange students

Service and practical issues

At Infocenter you can buy office supplies, promotional products and computer and phone accessories. If you need a parking pass, you can get it here. We may also help you book rooms and certify your copies.

Study information

Use our computers for visitors and get help with your application. We have information about university studies, programme catalogue and we can help you apply for a degree.

Pick up and update your UmU card

Have you ordered your UmU card? If so, Infocenter is the place where you go to pick up your printed card. Learn more about how to order the card, and what requirements you need to fulfill in order to get it, via the link below.More about the UmU card

Support for students with disabilities

Students at Umeå University who have disabilities are entitled to different types of support in your study situation. To get support for your studies, you need to apply for it. If you want more information and assistance, please visit Infocenter.
More on individual support for students with disabilities

Study guidance

The study counsellors in Infocenter can help you with questions about, for instance, educational choices, application, eligibility and admission for you to be able to plan your studies as well as possible.
More on study guidance

The Student Health Servicee

During drop in hours to the Student Health Service, you can get shorter advice regarding your mental, physical or psychosocial health.
During drop in to a nurse (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) you can also get a test for Chlamydia, Gonhorrea or HIV (free of charge).
During drop in to a social counsellor (Tuesday and Thursday) you can also book an appointments for further counselling.
More on the Student Health Service

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International Housing Office

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 09.30-12.00
Wednesday 12.30-15.

Study Guidance

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No drop-in hours on Friday, November 2.

Student Health Service

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00–13.30

Social counsellor:
Tuesday and Thursday 12.00–13.30

No drop-in hours on Friday, November 2.

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